Tuesday, June 24, 2014

One Final Safari

As my time in Africa is drawing to a close I decided it was time to take one last spin around Botswana before saying, “adieu.”  After my Kilimanjaro trip my dad came to visit which was the perfect opportunity to show him around my favorite places here.  For the past week we have been celebrating Kelly and Dad’s Week of Fun (in Africa).  We had intended to go to the Okavango Delta first, but since my flight from Kilimanjaro arrived a day late we had to cancel that part of the trip.  Instead we went to northern Botswana to visit Chobe National Park.  We took a river cruise:
We went on a game drive where we saw about a dozen lions, including two lions chasing a water buffalo across the road right in front of our vehicle:
There were about twenty game drive vehicles all in the same area of the park jockeying to get the best view of the lions; nothing quite like an African traffic jam:
We also saw some giraffes fighting:
After two days watching the animals we crossed the border into Zimbabwe to visit Victoria Falls:
And we went to the Victoria Falls Hotel for lunch:
It was a fast week but we had a great trip.  Aside from having a lot of fun with my dad, it was great to have one more visit around Botswana.  There is a lot I will miss when I leave:


  1. I will be at the airport with bells on! :)

  2. So i'm assuming this whole time "anonymous" was your mom! Mystery solved! :-) I have enjoyed this blog immensely! Thank you so much for documenting this adventure Dr. P!!!

  3. Hi Bryce,
    How are you?
    How was the trip to Las Vegas?
    Remember, we talked about a trip to New York!!
    Mrs. P

  4. Howdy Mrs. P!
    Yes! Vegas would fab! The Mandarin Oriental is my favorite hotel! As for New York, I simply must see the newest Broadway Production on an annual basis or I feel that a part of me might die and fall-off, like a leg or arm, or something I don't think I could live without... So I think December would be fun for the big Apple perhaps. I am thinking "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" with Neil Patrick Harris or "Aladdin." And just FYI, your daughter is simply the coolest thing that has happened to Lubbock, TX since Buddy Holly and BBQ!