Thursday, April 2, 2015

Where in the World is Dr. Phelan (Going Next)?

When I first began my blog nearly 18 months ago, my very first blog post was titled: Where in the World is Dr. Phelan? Botswana!

Well, in memory of that first post, I decided to borrow, but also alter, the title.  Rather than asking Where in the World is Dr. Phelan?, the more appropriate question is Where in the World is Dr. Phelan Going Next?  And so we have it….

I will be moving overseas again in a few weeks.  However, this is not a short-term sabbatical move like Botswana.  Instead, this is a more permanent position.  Granted, nothing is really permanent, but this is a full-time position without any pre-determined end date.  Hence, it is considered a permanent move.

Though my future home will be quite different from Africa, and the U.S., there is a lot I’m looking forward to.  Unlike Africa, I’m not expecting excessive power cuts.  But there will be lots of wildlife.  I won’t be the token white person, so I won’t get in trouble for walking with the intent of causing a car accidentBut, there will be a slight language barrier I will need to overcome.  I will need to get a new driver’s license, though since I more or less know how to drive on the “other” side of the road now, I should be able to forego driving lessons.  There is a Little America in my new country, but the necessity of sunscreen will still be strong as ever.

Any guess yet where I might be going?.... 

Want a hint?.... 
In case you didn’t get it the first time, how you could forget?  There are two addresses EVERYONE in the world knows, YOUR address, and….. 

Now, this isn’t entirely accurate.  I’m not moving to Sydney.  But I am moving to Australia!  I recently accepted a position at the University of Queensland, which is in Brisbane, which is here:
I know I said this when I moved to Africa, and only a handful of people took me up on my offer, but I REALLY HOPE YOU’LL COME VISIT ME!