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Selected Publications
Normative Factors Influencing Hospitality Instructors to Teach Online (Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education)

The Industry Experience Gap: Hospitality Faculty Perceptions of the Importance of Faculty Industry Experience (Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Education)

Digital Personalities: An Examination of the Online Identity of Travel and Tourism Websites (Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Technology)

"Like" and "Check-in": How Hotels Use Facebook as an Effective Marketing Tool (Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Technology)

Smooth Sailing?: Passengers' Assessment of Cruise Brand Equity (Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing)

To Book or Not to Book: The Role of Web Site Heuristics (Journal of Services Marketing)

Communication, Documentation and HRM: The Case of the Non-Compliant Kitchen Employee (Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Cases)

An Exploratory Study of Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs) Needed in Undergraduate Hospitality Curriculums in the Convention Industry (Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality & Tourism)

Current Convention Course Offerings at the Top 25 Ranked Hospitality Management Undergraduate Programs  (Journal of Teaching in Travel & Tourism)

Customers in a Flash? Are Daily Deal Offerings an Effective Means of Generating New Repeat Customers? (18th Annual Hospitality Graduate Research Conference Proceedings)

Experienced Based Marketing Utilizing Mobile Applications: Consumer Receptiveness of Geo-Targeting Through Mobile Devices (18th Annual Hospitality Graduate Research Conference Proceedings)

"Green Hoops" a Hit, or Miss? An Examination of Eco-Sustainability of NBA Arenas as an Attendance Motivator for Fans (2011 ICHRIE Conference Proceedings)