Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Guns Up Red Raider Fans!

One afternoon three Red Raiders, Ashleigh, Amanda and Kelly, were driving down the road.  As Kelly rounded the corner she began pointing out the window and shouting with excitement, “Look!  Texas Tech!”  The three Red Raiders began waving at the young man walking down the road, talking on his cell phone.  The young man was wearing…. A Texas Tech sweatshirt!  After a year of searching through more than a dozen African countries Kelly had finally found a fellow Red Raider fan.  Not only had she found him, but he lived in her neighborhood in Botswana.  The three Red Raiders jumped out of the car, surrounded the Motswana teenager with the TTU sweatshirt and took a picture with him before he even knew what had happened.  Just as quickly as the encounter began, the three girls jumped back into the car and set off for the Gaborone Game Reserve in search of zebras.  The zebras were never located, but at least there was a Texas Tech sweatshirt sighting that evening.
Sadly I did not have my Texas Tech flag at the ready when we met our new friend.  During my time at Texas Tech I’ve take nine different groups of students (about 200 altogether) on trips to various locations across the globe to learn about hospitality and tourism from a different perspective.  I always take my TTU flag with us and we take lots of group photos with our “guns up” and the school colors.  Here we are in Switzerland:
Grand Turk during our Caribbean Cruise class:
And Las Vegas:
The picture of the Three Red Raiders and the Motswana just isn’t the same without the flag.  In an effort to make up for the missing accessory, here we’ve added it in twice for good measure:

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