Thursday, April 10, 2014

THM 304: Safari and Camp Management

In general, if you move from one Hospitality and Tourism Management program to another, whether you are a student or a professor, you can expect most of the courses to be the same.  For instance every HTM program in the world offers Marketing, HR, Accounting and Law courses.  There may be some variation depending on what specialties the program chooses to offer, or not offer, but the large bulk of courses are similar.  Of course, depending on the specific objectives of a program, you might see a course which is entirely foreign. 

China recently published a 64-page book entitled, “Guidebook for Civilized Tourism.”  Due to the poor reputation of Chinese tourists, the country produced an instruction manual teaching their citizens how to behave properly while abroad.  Some examples of no-no’s include: don’t pick your nose in public; don’t leave footprints on the toilet seat, and don’t deface ancient wonders of the world with graffiti (this happened recently with one of the pyramids in Egypt).  According to a friend of mine who teaches in China, the guidebook has been incorporated into HTM curricula there.

Here in Botswana we have a few of our own unique courses.  My favorite in THM 304: Safari and Camp Management.  We recently spent an entire class talking about why it is typically ill-advised to have a pool in your safari camp.  This is why:

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