Friday, August 16, 2013

The ID Saga Continues

This morning a friend sent me a message and asked whether I had managed to finally get an ID yet.  “If not, let me know.  I can send you a care package full of colored chalk and hand puppets.”  If you don’t understand this reference you might want to check out this blog post about my first day teaching and this one.

I went to the ID Office ELEVEN days in a row attempting to get an ID.  I had paid for it already and was given an employment number.  Actually, they gave me one employment number my first day on campus.  I tried to get the ID that day but was told I was in the system incorrectly.  Then I suggested to HR, “Why don’t you just delete me from the system and then add me back in with a new number?”  “No, no, no, that is impossible.”  A week later, after visiting (aka harassing) them each day they finally decided to do what?  Delete my original employment number and give me a new one.

Once I had the second new number I paid for the ID and then went to the ID office to get the card. The ID Office said I had a bad number and needed a new one.  Went back to HR, they said it was fine, but hadn’t been entered into the system.  Then I went to the ID Office 11 days in a row.  Each day I heard the same thing, “This is a bad number and you aren’t in the system, come back tomorrow.”  On day 11 they told me to stop coming back until HR fixed the problem.

HR allegedly fixed the problem yesterday so this morning I went to the ID Office.  This was the conversation:

Kelly: “Dumela Rra (Hello Sir).  HR told me the problem was finally fixed and I could get the ID.

ID guy: “No, this is a bad number.  You aren’t in the system.”

We went back and forth about 20 times when I finally pleaded, “Could you PLEASE just check the system?”

ID guy looks that the computer and says: “You are here but your title is wrong.  I can’t give you an ID.”

Kelly: “I don’t care what the title says, I just want an ID.”

ID guy: “What should your title be?”

Kelly: “Fulbright Scholar, or Assistant Professor, or Lecturer.  It really doesn’t matter.”

ID guy: “It says Sabbatical Leave.  That is not the correct title.  I can’t give you the ID.”

Kelly: “Rra, I promise.  I don’t care about the title.  I just need an ID.  I don’t care if my title says, ‘Alien, visiting from another planet.’ Please just give me an ID!”

ID guy: “Ok, this is the wrong title and I shouldn’t give this to you.  But here you go.”

Kelly: “Excellent, thank you so much.”

ID guy: “Now you have to go get it activated.”

Kelly: “What?”

ID guy: “It won’t give you access to anything right now.  It won’t do you any good until you get it activated.”


I couldn’t believe after all the time, frustration and 19 visits to four different offices there was still another step.  I hovered outside the office of the ID card activator and what do you think happened?  She NEVER showed up.  I perched outside her office for six hours and still, my ID is not active.

As Scarlett O’Hara says, “Tomorrow is another day.” Yes, indeed it is.  And hopefully it will be my lucky day to get a working ID.

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