Thursday, January 23, 2014


Compliments? I LOVE compliments!

Everywhere I go nowadays I am greeted by someone telling me, “Compliments.”

This may sound confusing, so let me give you a scenario:

Student: Dumela Mma. (Hello Ma’am).
Kelly: Dumela. O tsogile jang? (Hello. How are you?)
Student: Tsogile sentle. (I am well.) Compliments.

I know, it sounds like something is missing.  Compliments on what? Compliments on your new hairstyle?  Compliments on publishing another article? Compliments on making it to school on time for class?  Nope, none of these.

“Compliments” is the standard saying after the New Year.  It is essentially equivalent to saying, “Happy New Year.”  Occasionally someone will go above and beyond and say, “Compliments for the festive season.”  But for the most part the one word “Compliments” is sufficient.

I actually really like this habit.  I think we should wish each other “Compliments” all year round.  It is just a nice word that makes you feel good, so we should use it more often.

To all of my loyal blog readers, “Compliments!”

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