Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Breakfast of Champions

Today I went to the grocery store and there was only one option in the fresh meats section:

In case you are second-guessing what you read, that picture above is of Ox TONGUE.  Not ox tail.  Not ox liver.  Not ox heart. Ox Tongue.  By the way, I do eat ox tail, ox liver and ox heart with some amount of frequency.  But ox tongue is a bit outside my comfort zone.  I understand you have to boil it and then peel the skin off the tongue before you eat the meat inside.  I decided to pass.  Perhaps it will be a vegetarian kind of week.

In all fairness, there were several options in the frozen section.  Chicken feet, chicken necks and gizzards tend to dominate the coolers.  Most of us would not typically consider many of these as viable options.  The sad thing is the fact that they aren’t even locally grown.  About half the chicken farmers in Africa have gone out of business in the last decade.  The reason for this is because chicken farms in the EU are heavily subsidized and send the “parts not suitable for consumption” to Africa.

On a high note though, there were two bunches of asparagus and three one-ounce containers of blueberries at the grocery store.  I bought them all.

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