Thursday, November 7, 2013

Not Quite an Eclipse, but a Sun Dog will Do

Earlier this week Uganda welcomed 30,000 foreign tourists who entered the country with the express purpose of viewing the hybrid solar eclipse on November 3rd. According to experts, Uganda was the best location from which to see the eclipse.

I was not in Uganda and did not see the hybrid solar eclipse.  BUT!  As I was walking to school today I saw a huge crowd of people outside my building staring up at the sky.  I wasn’t sure exactly what they were looking at initially, but then I saw that we had our very own Sun Dog.  I don’t believe the Sun Dog was related to the eclipse up north earlier in the week, but I’m not a scientist, so I could be wrong.

Here is the Sun Dog with the roof of my building to the right:
And then here is the full Sun Dog:

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