Thursday, July 16, 2015


That’s right, NeighbOUrs.  We are in Australia now.  We have to spell like them, even if we- the royal “we” that is- don’t talk like them, yet.

Neighbours is the longest running soap opera in Australia.  It’s like General Hospital Down Under.  The main difference is that Neighbours is actually believable.  No one ever got in a car accident, was in a coma for 10 years, then woke up, had amnesia, was mauled by a bear, then decapitated, had his body frozen and was cloned and is now his own brother in Neighbours.  I’m not sure if that exact plot line was used in General Hospital, but I believe bits and pieces were in there.  Then again, I don’t watch American soap operas, so I am basing this off of what Joey talked about as a soap opera star when Friends was still on the air.

Of course, this blog post has nothing to do with Neighbours or any other soap opera.  This has to do with MY neighbours.  Want to see my neighbours?

The other day I was walking through the park and there were three kangaroos just hanging out.  Literately, they just laid there. They were not nearly as exciting as I hoped they would be.  After waiting around for a good 20 minutes for them to do something interesting I got bored and walked off.  Here they are just chillin’:
Later on I saw a wombat.  Wombats are marsupials, and like the kangaroo, are native to Australia.  Marsupials are mammals which carry their offspring in a pouch.  Koalas, possums and the Tasmanian devil are also marsupials:

Unlike my other neighbours, the Laughing Kookaburra and Koel, the wombat and kangaroos were quiet as could be.  

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